For a Better Ontario

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Meet Robert and learn about what we've been able to accomplish together as with him as your Member of Parliament.


We can't do this alone. We need your help to re-elect Robert as Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Center.


We can accept your donations (with thanks!!) to help Robert get elected.

Thank you! Because of you, for the first time in years we were able to accomplish so much for our families, friends and community, right here in Winnipeg Centre.


You helped bring record support for homeless, seniors, children, and housing to our community.


You helped bring new and green infrastructure investments that will help us all grow and live a better life.


You helped bring a new way of doing politics that allowed us to work together to help everyone, not just a few.

We worked together to make your priorities, Canadian priorities.

This work can not stop. There is much more we need to do together. Work we need to do in Winnipeg Centre.

It is more than just pointing out the problem, that is easy. It is about working with our community and the government to solve the problem and put in place meaningful solutions.

I am asking for your support to become your candidate for Member of Parliament.


Please support my nomination so we can continue to build on what we have accomplished together. 

Visit our website at and share this message with your friends and family.


Thank you! Merci! Ekosani, tapwe akwa khitwam!

More to come...


Robert-Falcon Ouellette