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“The key to change is not megaprojects by a few, but a thousand little changes made by many.” - Robert-Falcon Ouellette

Over the course of this campaign, we will propose a number of ideas for City Hall. Many of the ideas are inspired by what has worked in other cities. We will encourage and reward City staff and employees who find better, smarter easier ways of getting their jobs done.

While I want to embrace and encourage innovation at City Hall, we can also transform our city together by letting community innovation flourish. There is a growing worldwide movement of “makers” - tinkerers, hackers, inventors, creators and artists who work at making their corner of the world a better place.

There are already great examples where this has happened - community groups, BIZ organizations and individuals have taken the initiative to improve their neighbourhood and make it more beautiful, more sustainable, more fun. Gardens on boulevards, murals on walls.

If you’re trying something new, you won’t know if it works until you try. We must encourage citizens to innovate as well, by allowing citizens the freedom to experiment with making the city a better place on their own. As Mayor, I want to make it easier for citizens to present innovative ideas to city hall and make them happen, through pilot projects. It allows people to test ideas, tweak them and get them right.

The city can help assist this in two ways: one, through minor zoning variances to individuals and community groups a chance to test new ideas, on a small scale. If it works, others who are interested can implement it as well. Another is to provide micro finance and micro grants to assist individuals and community groups.

As we did in 2014 we want to turn it over to citizens. To ask you not just what you want the Mayor or City Council to do to make the city a better place: but what you want to do to make Winnipeg a better place.

Given the chance, what you would do to make the city better? Is there a pilot project in your community you would like make happen?

We want you send your ideas to our campaign, Ideas that can help make our city, safe, livable and thriving. We’ll share them on our website and we’ll announce the best ideas as part of our official policy.

Before submitting your ideas, consider;

1. Small-scale projects run by individuals or community groups

2. You should be able to get your neighbours on board with it

3. Free or low-cost: you provide the brainpower and work

4. It can be an idea for arts, sports, jobs, or a better environment

5. No perpetual motion machines!

Email your ideas to

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