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Justice for Wendell. Safety for our community.

Last January, in an unprovoked attack, Wendell Boulanger was killed at his home in Wolseley. Wendell’s death was another tragic example of the crime and safety challenges we face in our community.

In 2018 we came together, community and government, to create the Illicit Drug Task Force. And I was proud to serve as one of our community representatives.

In 2019 this task force made many recommendations that would have directly impacted crime and improved our safety.

Unfortunately, the implementation of these recommendations has been slow, in part because our government representatives have stopped working together. We can not accept this.

It is more than just pointing out the problem, that is easy.

It is about working together, our community and the government, to solve the problem and put in place meaningful solutions.

If you agree with us that more has to be done to improve our safety, please share this message.

Read the full report here:

Read the CBC article about the recent arrest here:

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