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Let’s make our opponents, our strongest allies.

Recent comments by the new Manitoba Minister of Indigenous Reconciliation were wrong and hurtful. They are not new and will not be the last like them.

The first instinct can be to lash out, to attack. But we shouldn’t.

As our journey of reconciliation continues, we may find neighbors, friends, coworkers or family that share these hurtful beliefs. When we do, it is our responsibility to embrace these people, to help them learn and become our strongest supporters.

Everyday in Winnipeg, we witness the effects of residential schools in the faces of people we see.

There is generations of hurt that needs to be recognized and cared for. And it will take time.

We didn’t create this Canada, we inherited it. And we don’t have to leave this Canada to our future. We shouldn't and we won't.

Together, we can change the Canada we live in.

Help someone else learn more about the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission by sharing this link:

Thank you. Merci. Ekosani, tapwe akwa khitwam.

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