Make Winnipeg a Child Friendly City – A SAFE City

“Children are among our most important, but also most vulnerable citizens, and their hardships and well-being are the best indicators of what our city is like as a home for all of us.”

– Robert-Falcon Ouellette


• Evaluate every policy through its impact on children

• Lower the voting age to 16

• Make Community Gardens on Public land easier to set up

• Include safe family cycling in plans for Active Transport

• Make transit free for children and youth 16 and under travelling with an adult

• Festivals and programs that receive City funding need to consider child friendly programming

and low-cost access for families with children

• Develop 4 new aquatic centres in the city, to be connected to local schools

My first announcement of the 2014 campaign was that we need to create a “child friendly city” in

Winnipeg- the idea that the city’s policies and by-laws should be considered through the eyes of

a child. That is because every policy in this campaign will ultimately affect children and families.

Issues of housing, poverty, policing, public safety, transit, recreation, libraries and the

environment - they all involve and affect families and children.

There is a world-wide movement toward developing Child Friendly Cities, supported by UNICEF and already adopted by other cities in Canada. Children who grow up feeling truly at home here, as safe, active, engaged citizens, will be adults who contribute to making Winnipeg a great city for generations to come. It is a combination of policies and programs that are framed around the needs of children and youth. UNICEF defines a Child Friendly City as a “local system of good governance committed to fulfilling children’s rights ... it is a city where the voices, needs, priorities and rights of children are an integral part of public policy, programs and decisions. It is, as a result, a city that is fit for all” (

The City of Winnipeg can build on the commitment made by the City of Surrey, BC. Our Vision Of A Child And Youth Friendly City.

• A community where children and youth are valued community members and actively contribute their time, ideas and perspectives to civic life

• A community that promotes social connectedness, where children and youth feel safe, have freedom of movement, green space and opportunities for play and imagination

• A community where all children and youth are able to access enriching and engaging programs and services that promote their healthy development regardless of their family’s income or background

The Strategy focuses on 3 policy and program areas:

• Engagement – Providing opportunities for children and youth to participate in and contribute to civic life.

• Physical Environment – A natural and built environment that supports the healthy development of children and youth.

• Civic Services – Recreation, library and cultural services that are framed around the developmental needs of children and youth of all genders and backgrounds.

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