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Reviewing Photo Enforcement Program & Warnings for First Ticket

'The goal should be maximum safety, not maximum fines.' - Robert-Falcon Ouellette

Since its inception, the City of Winnipeg Photo Enforcement Program has had a steady increase in tickets issued and fines collected.(1) While the pandemic slowed this increase, data shows these numbers climbing back to pre-pandemic levels.(2)

If the goal of the program is to increase road safety, these numbers should be going down. Something isn’t working.

As Mayor I will work with council to conduct a full review of the city’s Photo Enforcement Program.

A recent study by the city looked at increased amber times for four intersections and found a significant decrease in the number of tickets issued, with no increase in collisions.(3)

This study helped show us that a full review is needed, including looking at the city’s responsibility in directly enhancing road safety.

The review would include amber times, signage, recommended speed limits and traffic calming infrastructure.

Along with the review, I will immediately amend the program in two ways;

1) First Ticket Warning - A ticket for an offense would be issued, but the fine for the first ticket issued every two years would be waived.

If the goal of the program is to encourage Winnipeggers to drive safer, they should be given a chance to learn from their mistake.

2) Construction Zone Speed Limit - Along with enhanced signage, construction zone speed limits would reflect when workers are present, and the type of work being completed.

The city shouldn’t change speed limits at certain times or under certain conditions just to issue more tickets.

The city’s goal should be maximum safety, not maximum fines. When we talk about safety, we mean for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, for everyone.




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