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Winnipeg 150 - The City We Love

‘We have an opportunity to come together to acknowledge, share and celebrate the rich history of Winnipeg.’ Robert-Falcon Ouellette

Today we announced our commitment to celebrating Winnipeg 150, the 150th anniversary of Winnipeg becoming a city in 2023, and if elected Mayor would set up a planning committee of community representatives at the earliest possible opportunity. (1)

With Winnipeg 150 we have an opportunity to share the history of our land and city.

This would include the stories of the original Indigenous inhabitants, European settlers, the Metis People and of the those from around the world who choose Winnipeg to call home.

We have an opportunity to come together to acknowledge, share and celebrate the rich history of Winnipeg and we shouldn’t miss it.

We need to begin talking about the things we want to share and to celebrate. Some of the ideas that have been shared with us are;

1) “Coming Home” - Inviting ex-Winnipeggers back to experience Winnipeg again

2) Arts & Culture 150 – asking groups like Folklorama, The Winnipeg Jazz Festival, the Manitoba Theatre Company, The Winnipeg Contemporary Dance Company, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The Winnipeg Symphony, The Prairie Theatre Exchange, MAWA, ArtCity, Winnipeg Film Group, Nuit Blanche or Winnipeg Art Gallery to present a Winnipeg 150 themed events focusing on Winnipeg arts & culture.

3) Reconnecting with our Sister Cities of Winnipeg to share our culture, commerce and peoples. (2)

4) Freedom of the City - Grant the traditional ceremony of ‘Freedom of City’ to many of the individual regiments, ships, battalions and military units that have a close connection to the City of Winnipeg and reconnect to our present.

Beyond a historical account of Winnipeg, we have an chance to tell the stories of the people who are Winnipeg and make Winnipeg a Canadian destination in 2023.

This is also an opportunity for us to ask, what is the is the city we want to build? And what do we want the city to be for future generations?



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